• "Like the moon, come out from behind the clouds and shine!" - Buddha

Falling for Iris

Hi there! I hope June finds you well.
Flowers are blooming like crazy this month and I am really enjoying capturing them on instagram. Come check it out!
I’m not a big fan of these frilly Iris, but Rob’s co-worker gave them to us last year and I begrudgingly planted them. They came up and bloomed in several different places and I hardly noticed them. (So rude, I know!) But when I was weeding near them yesterday I smelled a delicious candy smell and sniffed around until I reached this bloom. Oh!  It smelled amazing! It was so sweet and light. I really looked at the delicate petals and the bright yellow. So pretty! They came up so reliably, the bees like them and they smell really good. So, I am now appreciating my new Iris and stopping to smell it as I go in and out of the house.

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