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Planting Seeds

Seeds! I planted seeds. I was going to coddle them in seed trays, but I waited too long so I just planted them in the garden and will try to tend to them out there.
There is so much hope and potential in seeds. It really is amazing that out of tiny sand-sized seeds a huge glorious foxglove can grow.
In the years before we had children we gardened like crazy in the spring. We moved around with jobs and schooling, but always had a garden of flowers. Lily was born in June 14 years ago. The bouquet I brought to the hospital to give birth was amazing! Foxglove, Poppies, Delphinium, Echinacea, Hollyhocks, Daisies, Zinnia and Roses. I gazed at them in labor. They were so lush and beautiful.
My garden of flowers faded in the years that came after.  I was never a really vigilant weeder and between two babies, then toddlers then a dog who would bark continuously when I went out to the garden without her; my garden suffered. Thankfully, the Rosa Rugosa is sturdy so that kept blooming. But then the daisies took over and squeezed out the poppies and the echinacea and the foxglove is poisonous so I let that disappear when it didn’t re-seed one year.
I’ve missed my flowers.  Every year I buy some seed packets or some perennials and try again and usually they dry out or get eaten by chipmunks or some tragedy befalls them. But I keep trying. And this year I am trying again. I planted the seeds on Thursday and I’ve got high hopes that some will make it through life to flower.
And if they end up neglected again I’ll still probably have some random lovely flowers appear where I forgot I planted them. Last year the nasturtiums bloomed brightly in August and I thought, “Well, thank goodness I tried! Thank goodness I took the time to plant them because sometimes it works and It’s always worth trying!”
I’ll keep you posted on the status of these seeds. Grateful for rain today because we need to buy a longer hose. 🙂
I hope you’ve got some seeds planted this spring and I hope they bloom beautifully for you in the months to come.
I’ve got high hopes for some huge sunflowers among the rhubarb.

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