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“Katherine is a gift to this world. Simply stepping in to her home studio will do wonders for your life. Each time I leave I feel balance and harmony in mine!”

C.S. client


“As a seasoned nurse, Katherine Harris’ gentle, nurturing touch is reassuring while she is open to the messages communicated by the bodies and spirits of her clients. She is able to listen and “hear” which scent, or specific healing practice or practices will be most beneficial to each person. The healing energy Katherine offers lingers long after sessions are over, and clients are further empowered to continue the healing process with tools, such as aromatherapy, Emotrance® or “tapping,” with which she so expertly and generously provides them.

For an amazing healing session, really, you cannot get better than Katherine Harris. Highly recommend!”

P.M. client

“Katherine – I cannot emphasize enough how wonderful the rolling oil was for my physical therapy!  I used it many time a day during the painful therapy. It relaxed me and gave me the wearwithall to keep going. I am also using the cream for my heels which are uncomfortable for being so sedentary. All in all I am doing GREAT!  Thank you so much for having me in the right place to receive the surgery and continuing to heal. You are a wonderful lady with a special gift. Thanks again Katherine!”

G.M. client

“My 5 year old son suffers from terrible nightmares, and has found relief with aromatherapy.  Katherine was very kind and took the time to test a few different calming smells with him until he had a combination that he really liked, and we use his signature scent in a spray bottle every night before bed.  We decided that the monsters and giants that sometimes come out in his dreams REALLY dislike good smelling things (they prefer gross compost and trash) and he sprays all around his bed to create a moat that nothing scary will be able to breach before settling down to sleep.  It has become a sacred routine thanks to Crow Lady Healing!”

L.S. Customer


 “The roll-on is working! It’s not taking me as long to fall asleep and when/if I wake up in the night, I fall back to sleep quickly. So, I would say that it’s a success story! Thanks for working your “magic” and your TLC. ”

and four months later, “It continues to do its magic!”

S.L. client


“The scar oil Katherine made for me worked super well!  I had a large red scar on my face and, well, the proof is right on my face (or was! you can’t see it anymore!) and my friends want some too.  The roll on bottle is super convenient and doesn’t waste any of the oil so it lasts a long time.”

A.H. client


“Katherine is a powerful and clear practitioner.  She has a really nice energy, really nice.  If you get a chance to work with her- Take It!”

S.H. EFT Master and Teacher


“Crow lady’s Comfrey Salve is pure magic! it has amazing healing capabilities for ailments of the skin. I have used it for various irritations, rashes, scratches, minor burns, etc, for myself and my children. I have given it as a gift to my closest friends and family to use as a remedy for cracked and chapped hands caused from frequent washing, gardening, or harsh winter elements. We all agree that it heals in half the time it takes any other salve on the market today! It truly is a miracle cure .”

E.R. customer


“After a breast cancer diagnosis and a bi-lateral mastectomy I found that I was guarding my chest and my posture was hunched.  I went to Katherine and we worked on moving my fear through my body with a technique called Emotional Transformation.  When she suggested this activity I thought to myself,  “This will never work and should I fake it if I don’t feel it”?   Well, I felt it! and it was an amazing feeling of this fire ball moving through my body!  As I stood up after the treatment, my posture was straight and I was not guarding at all.  My husband and I went to a holiday party that night and the room was crowded and I felt safe and did not need to guard anymore.

Now, a year later, I still don’t feel guarded.  It was gone for good!!!!
I still use the aromatherapy.  I love the frankincense oil and my special healing spray!”

M.R. client


“For some time I’ve been having trouble with my shoulder. I almost bought out all the drug stores of their “Icy Hot” which turned out to do nothing for my arthritic shoulder.  The more I used the sorer it got.  Finally one evening my daughter brought home a bottle of Crow Lady Healing Balsam Oil for me to try.  it was the best thing she could have done.  After rubbing 2 applications on my shoulder, all aches and pains have disappeared.  it is a beautiful product and works wonders.  You should put it on all shelves in every store.  It is wonderful and  I recommend it to anyone with sore shoulders to use it.  believe me it is a wonderful product.  Just look for Crow Lady Healing, it is produced by a Registered Nurse who is a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist.  Take my word folks, once you use it, you’ll come back for more.”

J.N. customer

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